Mouse Production

  Transgenic Mouse Production

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In production
Analysis and confirmation
Smooth muscle system (acta2 promoter):
B6: acta2-Optoa1AR-IRES-lacZ

 request mice
B7: acta2-Optob2AR-IRES-lacZ  √  √ request mice
B8: acta2-CatCh-IRES-lacZ  √  √ request mice
B3: acta2-RCaMP1.07  √  √ Jax# 28345
B19: acta2-GCAMP2*  √  √  Jax# 25405
B14: acta2-GCaMP-GR*  √  √   Jax# 25406
B25: acta2-GCaMP-ER  √  √  request mice
B34: acta2-GCaMP8.1-mVermilion  √  √  request mice
 Cardiac and venous system (αMHC, HCN4, Cdh5, mesp1, Cx40 and POSTN promoters):
B5: αMHC-CatCh-IRES-lacZ  √  request mice
B4: αMHC-GCaMP8 request mice
B17: HCN4-CatCh-IRES-lacZ  request mice
B10: HCN4-GCaMP8 Jax# 28344
B20: Cdh5-GCaMP8  √ request mice
B26: Cdh5-Optoα1AR-IRES-lacZ  √  request mice
B27: Cdh5-optoβ2AR-IRES-lacZ  request mice
B28: Cdh5-CatCh-IRES-lacZ  request mice
B29: Cdh5-GCaMP8-mVermillion
mesp1-mCherry*  Jax# 25618
B39: Cx40-GCaMP2*  Jax# 25404
B15: Cx40-GCaMP-GR* request mice
B31: POSTN-CatCh-IRES-lacZ
Nervous system (DBH, ChAT, gfap and Aldh1L1 promoters):
B12: ChAT-GCaMP8
B13: dbh-GCaMP8
B16: dbh-CatCh-IRES-lacZ indicate interest
B11: gfap-GCaMP-GR*
B21: CGRP-GCaMp8
B36: Aldh1L1-optoα1AR-IRES-lacZ  √  indicate interest
Widespread expression:
 B40: pCAGGS-GCaMP2*  JAX# 25619
Immune system (Lck promoter):
B22: Lck-optoα1AR-IRES-lacZ   √  indicate interest
B32: Lck-GCaMP8
B37: Ly6G-optoα1AR-IRES-mVermilion
B38: Ly6G-optoβ2AR-IRES-mVermilion  √  indicate interest
Lung Epithelium (pdpn, SP-C, FoxJ1 and CCSP promoters):
B23: SP-C-GCaMP8  √ request mice
B24: pdpn-GCaMP8
B35: FoxJ1-GCaMP8.1  √ request mice
*previously developed in the Kotlikoff Laboratory


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